Coalition letter: Why Senate Bill 50 is bad for Kansas

Dear Legislators:

We are writing to strongly support Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of SB 50, the latest legislative tax plan. Fiscally irresponsible proposals like these are why the latest budget approved by the Legislature includes $638 million in deficit spending that will undo much of the economic development and progress we have made.

Kansas families and communities can’t afford another round of devastating cuts to our roads and bridges, and our schools, especially as they are trying to recover from COVID-19.

At the end of the year, every one of us has to balance our checkbooks – even during tough economic times. Our state government must do the same. Kansans know the devastation of poor fiscal policy choices because we’ve been down this road before. We know the pain caused by cutting public schools, transportation funding, and health services to pay for failed reckless tax policy and unbalanced budgets.

Last year, despite COVID-19, Kansas recorded over $2.5 billion in new investment from businesses. These companies chose to make Kansas home in large part due to the state’s recent investments in rebuilding the Kansas Department of Commerce, its prioritization of funding for infrastructure improvements like broadband, and our reversal of former governor Sam Brownback’s tax “experiment.”

Companies want to invest in strong, vibrant communities. They want to know that the places they choose to locate will have good schools, a sound physical and digital infrastructure, and access to quality health care for employees and their families.

Returning to the failed policies that undermined our state’s foundation will make our communities less attractive to business, encourage more of our talented young people to leave, and hurt our most vulnerable Kansans.

We strongly encourage you to sustain the governor’s veto of SB 50 and support legislation that moves Kansas forward and invests in the recovery and growth of our state. 


Arcare, Inc.
Greater Kansas City Building and Trades Council
Kansas Action for Children
Kansas Appleseed
Kansas Association of School Boards
Kansas Interfaith Action
Kansas State AFL-CIO
Mainstream Coalition
REACH Healthcare Foundation
Salina Area Workers Coalition
Service Employees International Union Local 513
Union of Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) District Union Local Two
Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation
Working Kansas Alliance