07 December 2020 |

Column: Census workers need more time as Kansas communities hang in balance

Kansas Action for Children
Dec. 7, 2020

KAC President John Wilson writes about the latest Census deadline problems for Gannett news outlets in Kansas.

"Beyond the much talked-about COVID-19 relief lawmakers have been looking to provide, Congress will also need to give due attention to the remaining phases of the 2020 Census," John writes. "Even though counting stopped in October, Census workers have until Dec. 31 to verify the responses they have collected and report the final results.

"The problem, however, is that the time between when the Census counting phase ended and when the results are due to be reported is only about half of the five months that Census officials normally use to go through this certification process. With this drastically compressed timeline and the challenges officials had in collecting responses this year, there is a real chance that several states are ultimately undercounted in the final Census results."

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