By Harrison Drake
August 31, 2015

With more children living below the poverty line, child care advocates got together today to figure out how to give kids the care they need.

. “We are really talking about how we can make child care better in our state,” says Kansas Action for Children CEO Shannon Ranney.”

Her organization hosted the event in hopes of putting together a plan on how to best spend $79 million in state and federal funds for day care and after school programs.

Policy analyst Stephanie Schmidt said that the meeting was a real good opportunity for Kansas to rethink the policies that govern the childcare development block grant and would make it a stronger program for vulnerable families.

There are a couple of good things about Kansas’ Child Care, according to Child Care and Early Learning Director, Helen Bank.

“Kansas has strong licensing provisions. Kansas really meets most of the health and safety requirements for providers in the law,” she said.

But advocates also note that funding for programs like these are at an 11-year low, and the meeting here is to have congress spend more money on child care and after school programs in the next budget.

All of the ideas gathered at meetings like this will go into a federal funding request for 2016-2018 budget, and they have to be submitted by March1st next year.

Watch the KSNT video here.