Delayed tax receipts boost July revenue for Kansas

Emily Fetsch August 5, 2020 At the start of the new fiscal year, revenue coming into Kansas was close to new estimates from the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group. However, the delay of the tax season to July 15 meant the July receipts were much higher than in previous years. Total receipts came just over the mark ($8.7 million more, or … Read More

New column: Kansans must ask leaders to support child care

Kansas Action for Children July 28, 2020 Kansas Action for Children President John Wilson writes in today’s Kansas Reflector: Without a strong child care system, families and businesses can’t make ends meet. During these challenging days, we all have to stand up for little kids. “As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across Kansas and the nation, all eyes are on the … Read More

June revenue for Kansas beats reduced estimates

Emily Fetsch July 2, 2020 In June, the governor released potential budget cuts to address the significant revenue decline for fiscal year 2020 and the anticipated  shortfall for fiscal year 2021. Today, the last State General Fund (SGF) revenue receipt update of the 2020 fiscal year was released. While the estimated total receipts revenue for June was $491 million, the … Read More

How Kansas kids were doing before the coronavirus

Emily Fetsch June 22, 2020 The 2020 national release of the KIDS COUNT® Data Book, from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, shows Kansas ranks 19th among all states in child well-being. The report includes 16 key indicators, which fall into four categories. However, the data used for the report is from 2018, so the information does not reflect current conditions … Read More

Why Kansas kids need cash assistance now more than ever

Emily Fetsch June 10, 2020 Our current economic crisis could be particularly difficult for children, new research shows. Two reports from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University show that increased unemployment will lead to larger increases in poverty rates for children and working-age adults. Unfortunately, data also shows that most children living in poverty or near … Read More

May revenue comes in above expectations for Kansas

Emily Fetsch June 8, 2020 The monthly State General Fund Revenue Receipt Update was released June 1. While Kansas tax revenue decreased compared with May of last year, the decrease was less than anticipated. The estimated total receipts revenue for May was $424 million, and the actual revenue brought in was $441.6 million. Compared with last year (May 2019), the … Read More

A statement from Kansas Action for Children

Kansas Action for Children June 3, 2020 Kansas Action for Children joins all of those across Kansas and the nation voicing outrage over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Every single Black family and Black child in our state matters. Too often, legacies of racism built into our society actively harm people of color. Lawmakers … Read More

Medicaid expansion would address public health, budget challenges

Emily Fetsch May 19, 2020 With an estimated decline of more than $1.27 billion in tax revenue over the next two years, Kansas must look to stabilize and increase revenue, while setting the stage for economic recovery. Our state has learned from past economic downturns, including during former Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax “experiment,” that we can’t cut our way to … Read More

April revenue numbers show difficult path ahead

Emily Fetsch May 12, 2020 Last month, the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group offered its predictions for the next year, painting a grim picture for state finances during the COVID-19 pandemic. The monthly State General Fund Revenue Receipt Update was released May 1, and those predictions appear to be mostly on target. The estimated revenue for April was $645.59 million, and … Read More