Unlimited dreams, limited resources

By Christie Appelhanz Vice President for Public Affairs It’s hard for me not to take House Bill 2371 personally. The bill abolishes the KIDS Higher Education Savings Match Program. The KIDS program provides an incentive for parents to save for their children’s college with a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $600 a year, for families with incomes at or below 200 … Read More

How we spent our snow days

The legislative session is KAC’s busiest time of year, but the past two weeks have been particularly intense. We’ve been monitoring and testifying on our four legislative items, but also bills regarding KanCare oversight, fluoridated water, firearm regulations and drug screening for welfare recipients. We helped to plan and run two advocacy days at the Statehouse and an after-hours event … Read More

Guest post: Invest in our greatest resource – our children

By Susan Garlinghouse Twenty years ago, a New York Times article caught my eye and became a galvanizing force. The story unfortunately is still too true today, and we all hear it repeated and repeated way too often in the press: a random young person gunned down in their prime. But what caught my attention was the interview with this … Read More

Guest post: Sharing your personal story makes all the difference

By Melinda Lewis At the Kansas Coalition for School Readiness’ advocacy day last Wednesday, I met a young mother of two who made the trip to Topeka, on her own, to express her support for her children’s Early Head Start program. She listened to the presentation of the coalition’s key policy issues – supporting the governor’s recommendation for $51.5 million … Read More

Kansas Dental Project continues to gain momentum

By Suzanne Wikle Senior Director of Policy and Research Working on a legislative issue is often compared to riding a roller coaster – there are highs and there are lows, good days and bad days, but perhaps most important to the analogy is the concept of momentum. It’s the momentum that pushes us over the next obstacle and helps us … Read More

Early intervention key to reading success

By April Holman Executive Director of the Kansas Coalition for School Readiness In his State of the State address last week, Gov. Sam Brownback pledged to invest $12 million in a new reading initiative designed to ensure that every Kansas child reads at grade-level by the third grade. What he didn’t mention is that funding for this new initiative, called … Read More

Use Your Words

By Shannon Cotsoradis Kansas Action for Children President and CEO We often tell young children to “use your words” as they struggle to express their feelings. Most children learn this lesson early in life, but I’m beginning to think it’s quickly forgotten in adulthood. Too often, adults are unwilling to express their thoughts, feelings and frustrations about the complex public … Read More