SNAP waiver would benefit hungry Kansas children

Kansas Action for Children February 24, 2020 The so-called Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents waiver for SNAP (also known as food stamps) might sound like a policy that would solely affect adults without children. In practice, however, low-income children and youth would also benefit.  Children under the age of 18 and the adults who live with them are technically exempt from the three-month time … Read More

Home visit programs can improve rural health care before, during, and after pregnancy

Kansas Action for Children February 20, 2020 Almost all of the 105 counties in Kansas are rural, with only six urban counties and 10 semi-urban counties.i According to the Kansas Hospital Association: ii  1 in 3 Kansans live in rural areas.  Kansas rural hospitals serve more than 900,000 Kansans.  102 Kansas community hospitals are rural.  11,000 babies are born annually in rural hospitals in … Read More

Ending driver’s license suspensions for unpaid fees would support families

Kansas Action for Children February 18, 2020 Kansas working families face many barriers making ends meet. Whether it’s finding a way to pay rent, secure child care, or find stable employment, too many families encounter harmful stressors that affect the family unit. Driver’s license suspensions due to unpaid fees and fines can hurt working families and negatively affect both parents and children.  House Bill 2434 would revoke authority … Read More

Immunization bill would put Kansas kids’ health up for a vote

Kansas Action for Children February 13, 2020 House Bill 2601 would specify the required childhood immunizations for child care facilities and school attendance in statute. Kansas Action for Children strongly opposes this proposal and believe it could weaken our state’s health across the board. Why? We believe the health and well-being of Kansas children should not be subject to periodic … Read More

Understanding the poverty emergency for Kansas kids

Kansas Action for Children February 11, 2020 Kansas kids face a poverty emergency. Some 103,000 children in the state live at the poverty line or below. That means a family of three earning $21,330 a year or less. More than 41,000 children in the state live in extreme poverty, in which a family of three makes less than $11,000 a … Read More

KAC recommends: Tax history, child care demand, and a podcast

By Emily Fetsch February 5, 2020 BOOK: The Permanent Tax Revolt: How the Property Tax Transformed American Politics by Isaac William Martin. With lots of Statehouse focus on property taxes this year, I spent the past week reading this book to better understand the history of anti-tax campaigns. The governor’s budget includes a plan to address local property tax through … Read More

Bill would strengthen child care licensing, ensure safety

Kansas Action for Children February 4, 2020 Science tells us that stable, consistently nurturing experiences and relationships early in life shape the architecture of the developing brain. Because the bulk of future development is based on the strength of these early foundations, we must ensure that every Kansas child has the opportunity for those positive experiences. Safe and nurturing child care spaces are essential to a … Read More

Detention for runaway children the wrong approach

Kansas Action for Children January 28, 2020 Kansas Action for Children opposes HB 2445, a misguided bill that would allow children who run away to be placed in a juvenile detention facility for 24 hours. Research has shown “any intervention that places youths within a deviant group therefore risks exacerbating and consolidating their antisocial behavior.”[1] In 2016, Kansas took a … Read More

Why expanding Medicaid makes sense for Kansas kids

Kansas Action for Children January 23, 2020 Kansas Action for Children’s vision is to make Kansas the best state to raise — and be — a child, and our organization shapes health, education, and economic policies that improve the lives of Kansas children and families. We support expanding KanCare coverage because it will improve the health and well-being of Kansas … Read More

Increasing high-quality, affordable child care in rural Kansas

By Tate Mullen December 16, 2019 High-quality, affordable child care is essential for Kansas children and their families. Increasing the supply for quality providers and investing in early childhood education produces positive academic, health, and social outcomes. Unfortunately, in rural areas of Kansas, there is less access to these important programs, leaving working families to face a shortage of child … Read More