June 3, 2020: A statement from Kansas Action for Children

May 22, 2020: Final meeting of the Legislature missed the mark for Kansas families most in need

May 9, 2020: As crisis hits Kansas, existing federal funds can help families (op-ed with the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund)

April 20, 2020: As state revenue forecast drops, investments in kids and families all the more important

April 18, 2020: Comment on problems with the state unemployment system (via the Kansas Center for Economic Growth)

March 16, 2020: KAC committed to our state and staff during a pandemic

Jan. 9, 2020: Statement on Medicaid expansion compromise agreement


Dec. 18, 2019: Challenges for Kansas families emerge from 2019 state KIDS COUNT data

Dec. 11, 2019: Rising uninsured rate threatens healthy development of young Kansas kids

Nov. 2, 2019: Poverty challenges present, future of Kansas children, families

Sept. 24, 2019: In Kansas, 51,000 children lack critical supports in areas of concentrated poverty

Sept. 20, 2019: John Wilson to take reins as president at Kansas Action for Children

August 16, 2019: Statement on the cancellation of the Kansas Reading Roadmap contract

July 11, 2019: As Kansas families hang in the balance, need for HOPE Act reform more urgent than ever

June 30, 2019: Thank you to the governor and lawmakers: You kept us on track

June 24, 2019: Kansas Action for Children raises alarm about potential poverty line change

June 19, 2019: President and CEO Annie McKay’s statement on Art Laffer’s award

June 17, 2019: As Kansas drops to 15th place among states in KIDS COUNT report, health results point to urgent need for Medicaid expansion

May 21, 2019: Statement on passage of FY 2020 Kansas budget

April 18, 2019: By passing up federal funds, Kansas passes up chance to strengthen families

April 15, 2019: KCEG project calls for fiscal responsibility, debuts budget guide for Tax Day

March 25, 2019: Statement on Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of SB 22.

March 13, 2019: Gov. Laura Kelly to highlight KAC-hosted screening of game-changing documentary on early education

March 4, 2019: Policy priority briefs show incredible possibilities in store for Kansas kids and families

Jan. 16, 2019: In State of the State speech, a fresh vision for Kansas children and families

Jan. 14, 2019: New governor, new landscape for Kansas kids


Dec. 3, 2018: 2018 Kansas KIDS COUNT data lay cornerstone for opportunity

Nov. 21, 2018: Statement on paid parental leave executive order

Nov. 6, 2018: KAC congratulates Gov.-Elect Kelly, calls on new administration to step up for kids

Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2018: KAC Road Map week of priorities, goals

Oct. 17, 2018: Kansas Action for Children takes to road for fall tour across state

Oct. 2, 2018: A foundation for growth: Kansas Action for Children’s blueprint for success

Sept. 25, 208: In Kansas, young parents and their children face life-altering barriers

Sept. 13, 2018: U.S. Census Bureau numbers show lack of improvement over the past year

Sept. 10, 2018: Former library director, community leader joins Kansas Action for Children as director of government relations

June 27, 2018: Kansas ranks 13th among all states in annual KIDS COUNT survey of child well-being, but kids of color face unequal outcomes

June 20, 2018: KAC shines a data spotlight on barriers facing Kansas kids of color

June 18, 2018: Serious Fun Mondays support summer learning

May 18, 2018: KAC calls for bipartisan Farm Bill after House rejection

Jan. 31, 2018: KAC Hopes to Work With Governor Jeff Colyer on Behalf of Kansas Kids and Families

Jan. 10, 2018: Kansas Action for Children president: Budget just a starting point to help state’s kids


Nov. 1, 2017: High-Quality Early Learning and Development Opportunities Can Improve K-12 Education Outcomes

Aug. 31, 2017: National leader in children’s health and former state lawmaker to join Kansas Action for Children

June 13, 2017: Kansas ranks 15th in latest national rankings for overall child well-being

June 7, 2017: KanCare provides more access to health coverage for rural communities than metro areas across Kansas

May 22, 2017: On 98th day of legislative session, lawmakers ask Kansas children to pay for failed tax policy

April 27, 2017: Gov. Sam Brownback proposes unnecessary $4 million sweep from Children’s Initiatives Fund in current fiscal year

March 30, 2017: McKay: Lawmakers must override Brownback veto of KanCare Expansion

Feb. 22, 2017: KAC President and CEO Annie McKay urges the Kansas Senate to override governor’s veto

Jan. 11, 2017: Gov. Sam Brownback launches 4th attempt to dismantle Children’s Initiatives Fund


Nov. 21, 2016: Kansas 2016 KIDS COUNT report reveals critical importance of early investments

June 23, 2016: Latest proposal on school finance steals from early childhood, weakens safety net

June 21, 2016: Kansas has third largest drop in annual state rankings of child well-being

June 7, 2016: Kansas’ most critical infrastructure for children’s programs at risk

May 18, 2016: Kansas kids paying for failed tax policy

April 20, 2016: KAC President Shannon Cotsoradis: HOPE Act perpetuates cycle of poverty among Kansas children

May 9, 2016: Annie McKay named Kansas Action for Children President and CEO

April 20, 2016: KAC President and CEO Shannon Cotsoradis issues statement in response to Governor’s latest budget plan

April 12, 2016: KAC releases new report highlighting consequences of “HOPE” Act, impact on state safety net

March 10, 2016: More Kansas students beginning their day with breakfast

Feb. 25, 2016: KAC President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis responds to Governor’s claims of welfare reform success

Feb. 2, 2016: Over 200 advocates, community and business leaders, and policymakers gather for  2016 Symposium for Early Success

Jan. 13, 2016: Brownback budget recommends dismantling of Kansas’ early-childhood legacy

Jan. 6, 2016: KAC President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis issues statement in response to new mentoring program


Nov. 12, 2015: Despite contradictory claims, $9 million sweep from Children’s Initiative Fund will affect current and future grants for children’s programs

Nov. 6, 2015: Kansas Action for Children President & CEO Shannon Cotsoradis responds to yet another round of budget cuts, sweeps

Oct. 28, 2015: New study shows Affordable Care Act helping Kansas improve health coverage for kids, but state missing opportunities for progress

Oct. 20, 2015: Kansas 2015 KIDS COUNT report reveals troubling  long-term trends for state’s youngest children

Aug. 21, 2015: Online toolkit encourages Kansans to help children learn healthy habits for life

Aug. 11, 2015: Grant opportunity offers Kansas schools support to reduce child hunger

July 30, 2015: KAC President responds to latest round of budget cuts

July 20, 2015: 2015 KIDS COUNT Data Book released

July 1, 2015: Fiscal Year 2015 ends, taking Kansas Endowment for Youth Fund with it

June 6, 2015: Kansas Action for Children responds to Senate passage of TANF “fix”

March 3, 2015: Efforts underway to improve participation in School Breakfast Program


Nov. 12, 2014: New report calls for coordinated approach to connect low-income families with tools to achieve stability

Oct. 21, 2014: Kansas KIDS COUNT report shows marked decrease in timely immunizations

July 22, 2014: 25th Edition of KIDS COUNT Data Book Shows Kansas Worsens in All Economic Indicators

May 16, 2014: Governor vetoes $5 million sweep of funds for Kansas children

May 2, 2014: Legislature votes to sweep $5 million from early childhood programs

May 1, 2014: Community eligibility to help high-poverty Kansas schools prevent hunger in the classroom

March 17, 2014: Legislators take first step toward reducing preventable child deaths in Kansas

Feb. 6, 2014: Transparency Denied: What We Still Don’t Know About the Tobacco Arbitration Settlement

Jan. 28, 2014: Low reading scores show majority of Kansas children not prepared for future success

Jan. 8, 2014: Make a healthy start in the New Year: Take the Soda-Free Sundays pledge


Nov. 19 , 2013: As childhood poverty rate continues to climb, fewer families able to access safety-net

Nov. 4, 2013: Report shows critical investments needed for children from birth to age 8

Sept. 25, 2013: Kansas children would benefit from plan to expand early education with tobacco cost increase, new report shows

June 24, 2013: KIDS COUNT report shows Kansas governor’s vision for reduced childhood poverty not yet realized

May 28, 2013: Attorney General releases details of tobacco arbitration

April 30, 2013: Governor proposes raiding children’s fund to help pay for tax cuts


Nov. 15, 2012: Roadblocks to recovery: KIDS COUNT report suggests policy changes might hinder working families in Kansas

July 25, 2012: Kansas ranks 30th in nation for uninsured kids

April 17, 2012: Kansas receives $56 million in tobacco settlement monies

Feb. 23, 2012: Number of children living in high-poverty communities surges 229 percent in 10 years

Jan. 12, 2012: Children shortchanged in governor’s budget


Dec. 15, 2011: Kansas KIDS COUNT report shows recession’s effect on children

Dec. 5, 2011: New report shows increase in number of uninsured kids in Kansas

Sept. 1, 2011: Healthy kids. Strong families. A better Kansas: HealthWave insurance available for little to no cost

Aug. 17, 2011: KIDS COUNT Data Book Shows Kansas Losing Ground: Nearly 1 in 5 Children Living in Poverty