April 27, 2017

Kansas kids asked to sacrifice another $13 million in early childhood investment over two years to pay for failed tax policy

TOPEKA – Kansas received $62 million in tobacco settlement funds for the 2017 budget year, $4 million more than previously estimated. On Thursday, Gov. Sam Brownback proposed an unnecessary sweep of these funds, which are dedicated to children’s programs.

“It is disappointing that the Governor wants Kansas kids to sacrifice yet another $13 million over the next three years to pay for failed tax policy,” said Annie McKay, President and CEO of Kansas Action for Children. “But what troubles me most is that he wants to take $4 million right now for no apparent reason. He already signed a rescission bill to balance the current budget. Why does he want to cut $4 million from successful, proven investments in Kansas children when it isn’t necessary?”

In addition, the Governor’s proposed budget amendment also includes an additional $9 million in the 2018 and 2019 budget years to the State General Fund as a short-term budget stopgap.

“Kansas kids already lost over $100 million in early education and health investment since 2011, but that did not fix the state’s perpetual budget crisis. The latest proposed $13 million sweep will not fix it either. This simply has to stop. Lawmakers must end the Brownback tax experiment when they return next week, or they will inflict another year of harm onto our state’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens,” said McKay.

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