Childhood poverty is on the rise

About 103,000 Kansas children live in poverty. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides resources to help the poorest families meet their basic needs.

A decreasing portion of the state’s TANF dollars is being used for core services that aid families in need—like cash assistance, employment services and child care.

Kansas has $41 million in TANF reserves. Instead of maintaining such a large reserve, let’s use those dollars to lift children out of poverty.

How can TANF help?

Investing in targeted programs and core services will help lift families out of poverty. The state has funds to:

  • Increase cash aid to families
  • Invest more in employment services
  • Boost child care reimbursement rates

To learn more, read this guest blog entry from Karen Wulfkuhle, executive director of United Community Services of Johnson County.

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