Kansas kids count! A Census roundup

Kansas Action for Children
March 5, 2020

The once-every-10-years U.S. Census kicks off March 12, and Kansas Action for Children has been spreading the word about the importance of counting every single person in our state. An undercount threatens federal funding for crucial programs that support children and families.

We’ve been collecting resources — videos, blog posts, and infographics — about the 2020 Census. Feel free to share the links with friends and family. And make sure that every Kansas kid counts!

A 2020 Census Story: Shape Your Future

How does the census impact rural funding?

The 2020 Census is Coming—and the Results Will Impact State Budgets

From our friends at the Pew Trusts:

The U.S. census kicks into full gear on April 1, 2020, and states are paying close attention. Not only will the census determine the distribution of congressional seats, but the data collected will have a profound impact on state budgets. How? Because of the role that the census plays in creating the datasets and statistical indicators used by many federal grant programs—such as Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program (WIC)—to apportion funding among states, local governments, and other grantees. Such programs  made up 32% of state revenues in 2017.

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Make Your Family Count

Babies are Counting on an Accurate Census

From our friends at Zero to Three:

The Decennial Census occurs once every ten years and babies count on us to get it right. Overlooking and undercounting young children has serious consequences. The population most likely to be missed in the Census is the same group of children most likely to live in poverty, experience homelessness, and live in stress. These babies can’t afford to be missed.

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