Kansas Children's Agenda

Let's make our state the best place to raise - and be - a child

Food. Shelter. Health care. Education. With these building blocks in place, Kansas kids succeed. But too often, poverty and structural racism keep them out of reach.

For 40 years, Kansas Action for Children has worked to change this. We listen to families and the organizations that support them, gather data that reflects their realities, then share this work with lawmakers.

The best solution, though, is bigger than anything that comes from the Statehouse. When Kansans from every corner of the state, inspired and educated, use their votes and voices, our kids win.

The Kansas Children’s Agenda, supported by advocates across the state, gives this shared movement a clear direction.

About the agenda

The Kansas Children’s Agenda is built on a foundation of work to improve early learning, health, and family economic security. Our kids need quality and affordable child care. Our kids need a doctor’s visit when they get sick. Our kids need a place to stay and food to eat if their families go through tough times. The agenda’s recommendations provide a starting point for solutions.

We’re not just looking to change laws or implement good ideas. We want to invest resources, time, and attention in our next generation. And we’re setting out a shared platform that shows us how to get there with clear voice amplifying the values of caring Kansans.

Our coalition has much to add in these in these critical areas. We will always center racial equity, because those Kansans who have been longest neglected so often have the greatest need.

Kansas kids need a state that stands up for them. The Kansas Children’s Agenda shows us how to get there.

Read more about the Kansas Children's Agenda here.

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