02 November 2020 | Tax and Budget

More good news for Kansas revenue in October

By Emily Fetsch
Nov. 2, 2002

The well-being of every Kansan is bolstered by state investments, such as support for clean air, good schools, safe housing, and sturdy bridges. But making these investments depends on the state’s ability to raise the necessary funds. Each month, we look at the State General Fund Revenue Receipt Update to see how our state is doing and whether we are in good fiscal shape to build our collective future.

Once again, the month saw revenues that exceeded its estimate. October total receipts ($648 million) were $71 million above the estimate ($577 million). Revenue brought in was higher than expected for every source -- except for the gas tax.

The revenue estimates are based on the Consensus Revenue Estimating (CRE) Group’s projections made in April 2020. This month, the Consensus Revenue Estimating (CRE) Group will meet again to update its projections for the State General Fund revenues. The group includes the budget director, staff from the Division of the Budget, the director of legislative research, staff from legislative research, staff from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), and three economists from state universities.

KAC will be monitoring the CRE updates and analyzing whether the projections are good news for our state as it works to respond to the pandemic and continue investing in Kansans.

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