Jan. 11, 2017

Risky, one-time gimmick will harm Kansas kids but not solve long-term budget crisis

It is disappointing that Governor Brownback is doubling down on his efforts to dismantle the Children’s Initiatives Fund, yet he’s still completely unwilling to consider fixing the cause of our fiscal problems … which is failed tax policy. Kansas kids didn’t create this budget crisis, and they shouldn’t be forced to pay for it.

Legislators overwhelmingly opposed securitization in 2016, and for good reason. Securitization requires selling Kansas’ most prized asset and will wreck a thriving Kansas legacy. It will rob our premier early childhood system of its only revenue source at a time when there is absolutely no room in the state general fund to support these programs long-term. CIF services in every Kansas county that catch developmental delays, provide high-quality child care, diagnose autism early, and many others could all be lost.

If the Governor’s proposal is intended to serve a ‘bridge’ for the Kansas budget, we’re leaving our littlest and most vulnerable Kansas kids stranded on the wrong side.