May 18, 2018

KAC calls for bipartisan Farm Bill after House rejection

Annie McKay, President and CEO of Kansas Action for Children, released the following statement in response to the Farm Bill falling short of passage in the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Kansas children shouldn’t go hungry. Kansas farmers should have security in a time of tariffs and trade wars.

“That’s why we need a bipartisan farm bill, the kind advocated by Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts — not the sharply ideological, harmful legislation that fell short of passage in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Proposals in that bill would take food off the table from people who can’t meet the harsher work requirements. That means children, families, and older adults would suffer while scarce state tax dollars go toward creating a wasteful bureaucracy.

“Kansas depends on a sensible farm bill. Besides our state’s famed agricultural sector, many in the state depend on SNAP to meet their basic need for nutritious food. According to the most recent figures available, an average of 123,081 Kansas kids receive SNAP benefits each month. Put simply: Taking food away doesn’t help kids during critical years of brain development, nor does it help their parents find work.

“We’re encouraged by Sen. Roberts’ repeated calls for a bipartisan bill and stand ready to work with him to understand the needs of kids and families in Kansas. We ask that Sen. Jerry Moran join his colleague in calling for bipartisan legislation that is good for families and farmers alike.

“Despite the failed vote in the House today, the farm bill should be renewed, and it should pass the U.S. Congress this year.”