Feb. 7, 2018

KAC Hopes to Work With Governor Jeff Colyer on Behalf of Kansas Kids and Families

Annie McKay, President and CEO of Kansas Action for Children, released the following statement on the inauguration of Governor Jeff Colyer.

“Today marks an important change in the Kansas political landscape, with the departure of Sam Brownback and the elevation of Governor Jeff Colyer. We congratulate the new governor, and we appreciate his desire for a new tone in Topeka.

“But that doesn’t change the importance of Kansas Action for Children’s tireless work over the last four decades.

“Governors have come and gone over that time, but our dedication to the children and families of our state has never wavered. We have worked to save the Children’s Initiatives Fund, keep the Earned Income Tax Credit, and preserve the safety net.

“This group and our allies achieved notable victories last legislative session. A failed tax plan has been ended. Essential supports for early childhood programs across the state have been preserved. And we have achieved all of those things without support from the governor’s office. We hope Governor Colyer understands the importance of these priorities, and we stand ready to assist him and his staff with the data, research, and analysis that guides our work.

“Imagine what we can accomplish when we all work together to put the children of Kansas first.”