08 February 2019 | Tax and Budget

Senate vote on tax plan puts Kansas at risk less than two years after end of Brownback’s ‘experiment’

Kansas Action for Children
Feb. 8, 2019

The Kansas Senate has voted for dangerous changes to our tax system — yet again.

Less than two years after a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers ended former Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax plan, many of the same voices that defended that failed policy are working to unlink Kansas’ tax system from the federal one.

Like the Brownback experiment, their vote today for Senate Bill 22 is cloaked in uncertain fiscal projections. It would skew wealth in Kansas from everyday workers, teachers, and retirees to privileged executives and multinational corporations.

“Kansas has bills to pay,” said Emily Fetsch, director of policy and research at Kansas Action for Children.  “We must repair the vast damage done from the previous administration’s ruinous tax policy. We must invest in education, repair the child welfare system, and fix our chaotic prisons — just to name a few. None of these problems will be fixed by enacting another tax plan that will bankrupt our state.”

Kansas Action for children stands ready to work with legislators in the House and Senate to strengthen our tax code. That work will take prudent weighing of options, not rushed and retroactive fiscal policy.

Together, we can build a stronger, fairer tax system that allows lawmakers to invest in education, health, infrastructure, and public safety.

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