Tax & Budget

SENSIBLE FISCAL POLICY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Children can thrive when they have their basic needs met. Through our tax dollars, Kansans support kids and families who otherwise would go without. That’s why budgets matter, from the tiniest town to the entire state.

That’s true before, during, and after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve seen what happened when ideology got in the way of common sense over the last decade, and schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructure all paid the price.

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WE'RE FACING A ONCE-IN-A-CENTURY CRISIS. Millions across the country lost their jobs and struggled to meet basic needs. In so many issues relevant to Kansas kids and their guardians – child care, health insurance, unemployment support – our state and nation can make things better.

It's likely that effects from the coronavirus pandemic and accompanying recession are far from over. Every level of government (local, state, and federal) have to make children and families a priority during these unparalleled times. Sensible tax policies pay for the tools we use to create thriving, equitable communities and that will help us build back better than ever before. 

KAC Conversation filmed April 29, 2020.


  • We have proven programs to address needs created by poverty and the pandemic. They have worked in the past, and they will work now. You can find out more about them in the family supports and health sections of this website.
  • Unfortunately, state revenue projections have been slashed because of the pandemic. National policymakers must approve more federal aid to prevent widespread state budget problems. State lawmakers must look to protect Kansas families and the most vulnerable to economic insecurity.
  • From keeping students enrolled in remote learning programs to equipping community health centers with the protective gear needed to safely treat COVID-19 patients, state and local involvement can be seen and felt everywhere. They must pursue sensible and balanced policies that protect the next generation.