03 June 2020 |

A statement from Kansas Action for Children

Kansas Action for Children
June 3, 2020

Kansas Action for Children joins all of those across Kansas and the nation voicing outrage over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Every single Black family and Black child in our state matters. Too often, legacies of racism built into our society actively harm people of color. Lawmakers have enacted policies that worsen inequities and create barriers to opportunity. We must do better for our state and our nation – and we must do it now.

We are here to listen to our communities of color, to walk along with you and see your struggles, and to amplify your voices. Together, we must confront and eradicate systemic racism. We must tear down the barriers that oppress families and harm their children for a lifetime. We will do this through advocacy, engagement, and collaboration with community partners across Kansas.

Legislators returning to Topeka today have an opportunity to begin that work. There are 165 lawmakers in the statehouse, and every minute they spend there is a minute they could spend advancing equity through policy. They’re among the few people who could take immediate action to reduce the disparities we see in health, education, and financial well-being as a result of systemic racism. KAC stands ready to help them and our state build a better future.

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