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13 June 2024 | Health

KanCare Unwinding Updates

Heather Braum | Updated June 13, 2024

As the state continues moving forward in the unwinding process for KanCare, we are changing up our monthly blog post series on the data the state releases each month. Moving forward, this will turn into a brief recap each month as the latest data gets posted, along with brief analysis.  

10 July 2024
Tax and Budget

FY 2024 Kansas Revenue Tracker

13 June 2024

KanCare Unwinding Updates

30 April 2024
Tax and Budget

2024 Omnibus Budget Bill

28 February 2024
Economic Security Health Tax and Budget Early Learning

Post-Turnaround 2024, Much Work Left to Do for the Good of Kansas Kids

22 February 2024
Tax and Budget

Governor’s FY 2025 Budget Proposal