Our Commitments

Kansas Action for Children’s work is motivated and fortified by our shared commitments – as individuals and an organization.



Kansas Action for Children works every day to make our state the best place to raise – and be – a child. But that can’t happen if  groups of children and their families are unfairly held back by policies, systems, and norms that perpetuate racial inequity.

KAC recognizes the unjust realities faced by communities of color throughout our state. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to advancing racial equity. That means we work to change laws and regulations that discriminate – both directly and indirectly — and lead to worse outcomes for people of color. Year after year. Generation after generation. That’s why we are committed to equity and intentional work with others

KAC knows we won’t get to equity in outcomes without equity in input, so we are listening to and amplifying the voices of individuals and communities traditionally overlooked by policymakers and advocates. Parents, educators, and community members know the real impact of policies – they live it every day – and their experience and ideas are essential to the shared work of children’s advocacy.  

KAC is strengthening our commitment equity not only in our policy agenda, but also in our daily practice. That means connection and collaboration with others, disaggregating data, and continually evaluating and revising our  processes and practices .

And KAC believes policymakers in Topeka have the power – and the obligation – to enact policy that dismantles the structural racism, visible and invisible, that unjustly holds back Kansas’ children. We are here to advocate for the undertaking of that work, and to support them in the implementation of policy that leads to equitable outcomes for every kid.



We are a team. 

At KAC, we create the best outcomes for children and families when we work together. That means it doesn’t matter who gets the credit, or who crosses the finish line. We all celebrate our success. Collaboration doesn’t mean rolling over, either; we have robust discussions and challenge one another when needed. That helps us figure out where we really stand, what matters and what doesn’t. 

We are trusted. 

We talk to everyone. We readily share accurate information and tested messaging with different branches of government, political parties, news media outlets, and advocacy groups. They respect us. We have earned that respect by achieving results in the past and having the courage to stand by our convictions. We know inside information, but we use it to inform our work, not settle scores. 

We are curious. 

Kansas Action for Children staff are passionate learners. We want to know the issues inside and out, on the local and national levels. We want to know about our friends and collaborators, about our priorities and plans. That also means we’re open to new experiences and new ways of doing things. Not every new idea pays off, but some absolutely do. We won’t know unless we consistently and bravely take risks

We are kind. 

The world can be a challenging place. Our workplace shouldn’t make those challenges worse. Instead, we come together to support one another, to lift each other up when we face difficulties, and to celebrate when we accomplish great things. That support extends outward from KAC’s office, too. We care about our friends and partners, checking in on how they’re doing and what they hope to accomplish.