Kansas kids need our help.

They need our help because young children can’t put food on the table by themselves. They can’t pay medical bills on their own. They can’t find an affordable place to live or quality child care. They depend on all of us – moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends.

Our state faces tough times. But Kansas Action for Children believes that all of us can do the tough work together, supporting kids during their early years, and supporting one another as we do so. We can build a state that values education, health and family supports.

We can change the present to transform the future.

The job is big, and there’s no time to waste. Our kids need a state full of people willing to step up and be champions for them. From Garden City to Salina to Overland Park. From Colby to Hutchinson to Pittsburg. From one corner of the state to another, we can use our voices and our votes to make a difference.

At KAC, we are showing up for this work in a different way, one that recognizes this critical moment and its effect on long-overlooked Kansans. We’ve freshened up our appearance and approach. You can see both in our 2020 voter guide, which is available here.

Join us in building a state where everyone – together — acts for children.

Stay tuned for our new website. If you have questions, please contact our policy advisors or senior leadership by clicking on the link below.

You can also visit our previous website here.