23 February 2023 | Health

Statement on Senate Passage of SB 6

February 23, 2023
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell

Senate Narrowly Votes in Favor of Bill Limiting Local Health Authority Over Dangerous Diseases

 Just now, the Senate narrowly voted out (22-18) SB 6, a dangerous public health policy bill that would limit the authority of state and local health officers over infectious diseases in their communities, allowing health authorities to only recommend (not require) quarantining individuals exposed to or infected with harmful or deadly infectious diseases, such as Ebola, avian flu, measles, mumps, and more. Heather Braum, Health Policy Advisor for Kansas Action for Children, made the following statement about the bill being passed on to the Kansas House:

“Taking away the ability of public health officials to quickly respond to the spread of dangerous diseases would set public health policy back decades and put Kansas communities at risk.

 “If it becomes law, SB 6 will certainly harm Kansas kids, many of whom may not be old enough to be vaccinated against dangerous infectious diseases or are immunocompromised. The House must stop this bill in its tracks and not let it move any further in the legislative process.”