09 February 2021 | Tax and Budget

RELEASE: Statement on the Kansas Senate passage of SB 22

The tax bill passed tonight by the Kansas Senate is shockingly expensive and irresponsible.

Kansas residents need solutions from their government, but not in the form of Senate Bill 22. They need sensible tax policies, but not expensive giveaways to multinational corporations and high-income tax filers. Why aren't lawmakers standing up for families who've been knocked down by the pandemic? We heard a lot of cheerleading for big business Tuesday evening, but little for families being left behind.

The fact is, this bill costs about a half-billion dollars in the first year alone, when Kansas doesn’t have money to spare. Our state must support education, health care, and family assistance programs, and the need for all of these is more urgent than ever. SB 22 isn’t the solution for folks who are going through tough times right now, and its amendments and high cost won’t help Kansans long-term. The process Tuesday showed the bill is rushed, shoddy, and dangerous. We will make sure that House members hear that message loud and clear.

KAC Director of Fiscal Policy Emily Fetsch