29 May 2019 | Tax and Budget

Sustained veto of risky tax plan puts Kansas on path to success

Kansas Action for Children
May 29, 2019

Today, the Kansas House of Representatives sustained the governor’s veto of HB 2033, a tax bill that would have jeopardized progress our state has made in recovering from the Brownback tax experiment.

We thank Gov. Laura Kelly and the legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, who stood up for responsible fiscal policy this session. With the many investments necessary to restore our state, we cannot afford a quarter-billion dollars in lost revenue.

From the beginning of this session, we have talked to lawmakers, advocates, and the public about what risky corporate tax breaks would mean. The choices we make reflect the values we hold — and the kind of state we want to be.

Next year, the legislature will return to Topeka and take up taxes again. However, when that happens we expect a discussion that encompasses the entirety of state tax policy. We support Gov. Kelly’s call for such a discussion and will work with anyone interested in strengthening our state for generations to come.

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