05 April 2021 | Tax and Budget

Big questions add uncertainty to latest revenue report

Emily Fetsch
April 5, 2021

The Kansas Legislature is finishing up work before it takes its April recess. Last week also marked the release of the March monthly revenue numbers, which reveals how Kansas is doing financially. Total taxes brought in so far this fiscal year are $6.02 billion, above the estimate of $5.79 billion. Total receipts brought in for this fiscal year are $5.97 billion, slightly above the estimate of $5.73 billion.

For March 2021, total taxes were $590 million, above the estimate of $538 million, while the total receipts were $585 million compared with the anticipated $533 million.

Revenues are doing well, with total taxes performing 4 percent better than anticipated. And this is even with the extension of Tax Day to May 15, which likely delayed some revenue from coming in this March.

Kansas Action for Children remains curious about several upcoming factors that could shape our state’s revenue situation:

  1. The Consensus Revenue Estimate, which will take place this month.
  2. How federal relief dollars will be allocated to meet the state’s needs.
  3. What budget and tax bills will be enacted before the legislature ends this session.

This information will directly affect whether our state remains fiscally healthy and invests in its future, or whether the state makes decisions that will damage the progress we have made and set us back in our road to recovery.

KAC continues to urge lawmakers to support policy that targets help for Kansans who need it most.

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