19 July 2023 |

KAC, Staff Union Ratify First Contract

July 19, 2023
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell

Kansas Action for Children and its staff union, Kansas Advocates United, are proud to announce the ratification of their first union contract. Kansas Advocates United is a member of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 6400.

KAC and the union came together through the bargaining process to produce a contract that will support current and future KAC staff as they continue advocating on behalf of children and families in Kansas. For nearly 50 years, KAC has worked to make Kansas a place where every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy and thrive.

Workers’ rights are a critical aspect of families’ economic security, so we are excited to have a contract that represents the shared values that guide our work inside and outside of the organization.

The contract’s terms, including a generous family leave policy, discretionary holidays that recognize diverse faith traditions, annual raises for the life of the contract, and an increase in the employer contribution to health insurance premiums, demonstrate what is possible for nonprofit and advocacy workers across the state. All employees have the right to unionize, and we hope that our experience serves as an example of how to navigate the process in a way that supports employees and advances the mission of the organization.