18 January 2024 | Tax and Budget

KAC Statement on Passage of HB 2284, the Flat Tax Bill

January 18, 2024
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell 

TOPEKA, Kansas — John Wilson, President and CEO of Kansas Action for Children, released the following statement regarding the Legislature passing HB 2284, the flat tax bill.

"Lawmakers are going down the same tired, short-sighted approach as last year's flat tax plan, hampering the state's ability to respond in times of crisis. And it's clear that the flat tax part of the plan is the most ineffective--giving the highest-income Kansans the bulk of the tax relief. Instead, lawmakers have an opportunity to work together on a range of tax and budget policies that help families with young children, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and rural communities to thrive in the long-term."