28 April 2022 | Early Learning

KAC Statement on Sustaining of Vetoes on "Parents' Bill of Rights," Anti-trans Athlete Bill

April 28, 2022
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell

TOPEKA, Kansas – Kansas Action for Children's President and CEO John Wilson released the following statement after the vetoes on SB 58 and SB 160 were sustained:

"We applaud representatives in the Statehouse for siding with Kansas kids and sustaining Governor Kelly’s vetoes on the so-called “Parents’ Bill of Rights” and the anti-transgender athlete bill.  

"The “Parents’ Bill of Rights” hid under the guise of parental involvement, but in reality it was a direct attempt at tightly controlling our schools based on just the few loudest members of a community. The bill would have limited students' learning opportunities by taking away their right to study materials that students in other communities are given access to. We thank the Legislature for continuing to allow Kansas kids to have the freedom to learn like their peers throughout the state. 

"And thank you to the lawmakers who continued to stand with transgender youth. Sports are an important part of a child’s life and it is crucial we create an environment where they are welcomed to play alongside their peers. This policy was not about fairness; it was about excluding transgender youth from opportunities they should be entitled to — just like any other Kansas kid — based solely on who they are."