24 April 2023 | Tax and Budget

KAC Statement on Veto of Flat Tax Bill

April 24, 2023
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell

TOPEKA, Kansas — John Wilson, President and CEO of Kansas Action for Children, released the following statement regarding Governor Kelly’s veto of House Sub. for SB 169 – the flat tax bill.

Any bill that gives a majority of its tax cuts to the wealthiest Kansans deserves to be vetoed. House Sub. for SB 169 is a flat tax scheme that would eventually destabilize Kansas’ budget and make it difficult to invest in critical areas like child care, special education, public health, and infrastructure.  

“This bill would have overwhelmingly benefitted those with the highest incomes while providing little tax relief to low- and middle-income families, who need the Legislature’s support the most. We urge lawmakers to reevaluate their priorities and work together to create a tax structure that prioritizes everyday Kansans.”