16 April 2021 |

KAC writes: Latest on the American Rescue Plan, child care, tax policy

Kansas Action for Children
April 16, 2021

The Kansas Legislature is on break for the rest of this month. But Kansas Action for Children has been busier than ever, preparing for veto session and spreading the word about the importance of investing in kids.

So for this week's update, we're highlighting three recent columns from KAC staff. Take a look and share with your friends!

KANSAS REFLECTOR: How Kansas kids – and their families – could benefit from the American Rescue Plan

KAC President John Wilson writes about crucial components of the American Rescue Plan in the Kansas Reflector.

"The American Rescue Plan is more than stimulus checks," John writes.

"Indeed, the legislation signed last month by President Joe Biden has implications big and small for our country, and the state of Kansas. The $1.9 trillion bill aims to stimulate the economy, of course, but it also targets funds to achieve important goals for children and families.

"At Kansas Action for Children, we’ve been keeping a close eye on provisions that intersect with our work on behalf of the littlest Kansans. Here are a few examples."

Read the full column here.

KANSAS CHILD MAGAZINE: The State’s Essential Infrastructure

Early Learning Policy Advisor Mitch Rucker writes for Kansas Child magazine: "Both child care providers and parents face a daunting challenge in the state of Kansas. Our child care system needs significant investment, and the market can’t fix the problem.

"Here’s the challenge, one likely familiar to many reading this magazine. If providers increase their prices, families won’t be able to afford care. If families can’t afford care, that means caregivers won’t be able to work or support their families."

Read the full column here.

MEDIUM: Gov. Kelly should veto pricey tax plan; Legislature should invest in Kansas families

Finally, KAC posted a column on the Medium platform explaining why Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly should veto more misguided tax policy from the Kansas Legislature. Thankfully she did so today, and now it's up to legislators to sustain that veto. 

"Tax policy allows for Kansas to fund the critical infrastructure that undergirds our state: child care, K-12 schools, higher education, roads, broadband, and the state workforce. Reduced revenue will lead to cuts in all these areas. Students, teachers, and those depending on state services will bear the brunt.

Read the full column here.