24 January 2021 | Tax and Budget

State reeling from pandemic can't afford dangerous tax changes

Kansas Action for Children
Jan. 24, 2021

Earlier this month, Kansas Action for Children testified in the Senate Tax committee about Senate Bill 22, where we made clear that Kansas can’t afford expensive, dangerous changes to its tax system that would mostly benefit the state's most fortunate.

Last week, the hearing on this bill continued. And we learned that the bill would cost – at a minimum – $329 million during its first year alone. That money could support schools, infrastructure, and programs helping families make ends meet. Instead, lawmakers are debating giving that money away to big corporations and the highest earners in the state.

In the middle of a pandemic that has harmed small businesses and low-income Kansans the most, legislators should spend their time helping those Kansans. If you care about the future of children and families, you need to oppose this bill. If you know someone struggling to find health care, or value safe roads and public services, you should oppose this bill.

You will be hearing more from us about this risky legislation. Stay tuned.

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