23 February 2023 | Economic Security

Statement on Passage of HB 2141

February 23, 2023
Contact: Jessica Herrera Russell

House Votes Out Bill Making Food Assistance Program More Inaccessible for Parents

Today, the House passed HB 2141 (76-46), which would require non-custodial parents to cooperate with child support to be eligible for food assistance and would disqualify these low-income parents for not having enough money to pay child support every month. Erin Melton, Food Security Policy Advisor for Kansas Action for Children, said the following about the bill being furthered in the legislative process:

“Everyone believes that parents should make child support payments, but this bill isn’t the way. There is no evidence HB 2141 would help parents make child support payments. Proponents of this bill say this is about kids, but kids need parents who can overcome temporary hardship and regain stability in the long-term.

 Parents can be the best providers when their basic needs are met. But many state representatives seem to think that parents don’t deserve to receive temporary help when they are struggling to buy the groceries they need to feed their families.”