05 January 2024 | Health

What Is KanCare?

Heather Braum | Updated January 2024

KanCare is the state’s managed care insurance program administering Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). KanCare provides health insurance to low-income children, pregnant women, and adults; seniors; and people with disabilities across the state.

KanCare Eligibility

Right now, parents and caregivers of children can qualify for KanCare if their income is below 38 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). That amount varies, depending on household size. If a family of three makes more than $9,444/year, they cannot qualify for KanCare in Kansas.


KanCare Enrollees and Expenditures

Spending for Kansas kids, parents, and caretakers is low compared to their representation among enrollees.

How KanCare Helps Kansas

KanCare helps pregnant women stay well and deliver healthy babies by covering services like doctor and clinic visits, labor and delivery, prenatal care and prescription drugs.
KanCare helps kids thrive by covering services like well visits, vaccines, screenings, care coordination, diagnoses and treatment, and mental health care.
KanCare helps provide coverage to Kansas’ most vulnerable, including health services for children, youth in foster care, and kids with disabilities and complex medical needs.
KanCare helps the mental and emotional wellbeing of kids and families by covering critical behavioral health services.

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