KAC Voter Guide 2020


THERE’S NO QUESTION: Kansas children do best when their parents have jobs that pay living wages. They do best when they have access to high-quality child care and are able to see a doctor when they get sick.

But what happens when those jobs are scarce? What happens when families fall on hard times? What happens when a poverty emergency spreads?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the latest economic turbulence, 103,000 children in the state lived at the poverty line or below. That means roughly $21,000 a year for a family of three people. More than 40,000 children in the state live in deep poverty, in which a family of three makes less than $11,000 a year.

We deserve to know: What are candidates running this year going to do about it? 


At Kansas Action for Children, we’re focused on seeing these children and families meet their basic needs. But that means officials must focus on the following three areas:

THAT’S WHY WE CREATED THIS VOTER GUIDE. One subject at a time, we will show how Kansas kids stand to gain if officials make choices that prioritize kids’ needs. We will show why each is critical to ending poverty once and for all. 

Most importantly, we will suggest questions you can ask candidates this summer and fall to see where they stand. Listen to what they tell you in response. Are they committed to strengthening our state in the face of hardship?

WHY US? Kansas Action for Children has 40 years of experience with kids’ issues. KAC is a committed, independent voice for Kansas children and a passionate advocate for those in the crucial birth-to-8 developmental window. We’ve traveled the state talking to residents, advocates, and officials – and we want you to join that conversation.

Everyone agrees that each child should have quality health care, education, and family supports. This election season, it’s time to seize the moment. 

Together, we can solve the poverty emergency. But it will take all of us, collaborating as a state, investing in our youngest residents. We need to hold those who want to lead us to account. 

This voter guide is a beginning. Read, learn, and act. 




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