KAC: Make Your Voice Heard


Kansas kids need all of us to speak up for them. But we have to be willing to cast ballots and make sure our elected officials know what matters most: Investing in our kids.

Champions for children can be found in every political party, in every profession, and in every community in Kansas. Children’s issues transcend partisan politics – and there are numerous, nonpartisan ways to improve kids’ lives. We are asking you to be a champion for kids and share that passion with those who want to serve as an elected official.   

In this guide, we’ve identified some of the key issues you can raise with your candidates. The challenges children face are immense, and if we are going to reduce the number of children living in poverty, we need more people who will do something about it. 

Kansas Action for Children is nonprofit and nonpartisan, because the needs of our state’s smallest residents transcend party lines and ideologies. As a 501(c)(3) organization, KAC does not support or endorse any candidate for public office, and the information and questions contained in this publication are meant for educational purposes only. We encourage voters to learn about candidates through the many reliable sources available, including candidate websites, public appearances, and news articles. 

Other organizations referring to this voter guide with your members and audiences should keep in mind your IRS status as well and consult with legal counsel before engaging in voter and candidate education activities. 

This guide cannot be reprinted or used without the permission of KAC. Changes to or repurposing of this document is prohibited.