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Opportunities for the 2024 Session

Jessica Herrera Russell | January 8, 2024

Another start to the Kansas legislative session brings us more opportunities to advocate for Kansas kids and families. Our staff are in the Statehouse full-time during the session, work with partners on shared goals, and bring everyday Kansans the news about what policies lawmakers are working on.  

Our 2024 legislative agenda showcases choices lawmakers can make to ensure kids and their families have access to health care, food for every meal, quality child care, and can achieve financial success. If you’d like to follow along with us this session, sign up for our newsletter here.

Our Priorities for This Session

KAC’s goals this session are ambitious, and we can’t do it alone. We encourage you to learn more and be ready to engage your lawmakers when the time comes! 

Here are some of the major policies we’re planning to advocate for (or against) in the coming legislative session.  


  • Unifying programs and services that support early childhood   
  • Investing more SGF (State General Fund) money in the child care system   
  • Monitoring for policies that change health and safety standards in the Kansas child care system   

Economic Security

  • Supporting the removal of the modified ban on individuals with drug-related felony convictions from SNAP   
  • Engaging in legislation and discussions related to affordable, accessible housing   
  • Including budget allocations that improve summer food assistance for kids and families   
  • Advocating for changes to the state minimum wage or policies that remove preemption from local governments to change their minimum wages    


Tax Policy

Other Areas Affecting Children and Families

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